Weber Q 3200 Propane Gas Grill Titanium

The Weber Q 3200 Propane Gas Grill Titanium is a stainless steel and ceramic fiber type grill that weigh four pounds, has a side door that allows air circulation and a removable surface that are heated. The best feature of this grill is the internal temperature control. As a very user-friendly model, the built in LCD panel is easy to read and there is an auto shut off switch on the grill. You can turn on the grills three cooking zones that are gas, charcoal and your choice of both smoked and non-smoked options.

The Weber Q 3200 is on the smaller side of the Weber lineup. It can be easily carried around for hours with one hand. It comes with a grilling kit that includes the Weber SmokeShield wiper, brush guard, bottom and top hangers, clamp and a grill guard. The grilling kit includes an Instruction manual with a step by step guide.

The Weber Q 3200 is offered in a variety of cooking options and is available in charcoal or gas. It also has two compartment hoods, a lip and a lid that ensure an airtight seal. The propane grill is very well built and is designed to withstand the rigors of normal use. It can handle heavy duty grill grease with ease. This grill is offered with a warranty for one year.