Propane Gas Grill Gauge

The Propane Gas Grill Gauge is used for checking the amount of propane gas for your grill. The grill works by heating food and giving off heat, the amount of heat will depend on the amount of propane gas that is being used. The readings from the Gauge are kept on the LCD screen of the iPhone and downloaded to the computer. You can use this in all your propane grill and grilling needs.

For example, if you use too much propane gas and you will end up wasting more propane gas, you will need to stop the flow of propane gas until you use the gas in the right amount. Or, if you are cooking too much and not using enough propane gas, you can add some propane gas to your grill to keep the cooking and heating going and using the propane gas will even save you money in the long run. This is just an example and what it does is store the amount of propane that is used to cook and provides a chart to show you the amount of propane you are using. After a while you will be able to tell the difference in the amount of propane gas going to your grill and you will find the flow rate is in control of the grill and what works best for you. And in many ways this will save you money in the long run, by using less gas. And how this works is, all your propane meter tells the grill that it is running low on gas and the grill turns down the flow of gas to keep the grill cooking at optimal temperature.

You can find the GPS (Global Positioning System) on the iPhone. It can be used to find where the grill is at and when it was last checked, so you can make sure your grill is not on the way and is safe. It is very handy to have on your cell phone when you are at home or in your car and away from your grill. And also if you have a cord with your grill, you can use the iPhone GPS to see if you have power onyour grill and to determine when you want to get home so you can go home, or take the charger, or set your iPad on it.